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My first HO layout in CAD software

After spending a lot of time learning what software was better for railroad design in computer, I came to Right Track v 8.0 from Atlas corp. Now I want to publish a railroad in HO scale (code 100) if anyone what to try it in a 8'x8' but can be easily converted to 4'x8' but you will loose the reversing loop.

The iner line has 18" radii curves and also the reversing loop. The outer main line curves are 22". there are #6 and #4 crossovers. The #6 are used in the main line and # 4 are used in the yard.


Donload .ral File (Atlas Right Track v 8.0)

This track plan was inspired in the model of Mike's Small track plans page for N scale track (The link to Mike's is no longer working.....)

Here it is another version of this double mainline track oval with yards. Please send me an email if you have any comments. This layout was designed using XtrkCad, a free programm you can download from http://www.xtrkcad.org/.

Click on the image to download in ZIP format