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My first model layout

Since I was 5, my father and I played with the trains in the living room floor. The trains remained in the floor almost one month and then they had to go to the box again. Every time was a different layout and it was fun because it was never boring.

Now I will try to build a dream I couldn't share with my father in life, but I'm sure he is guiding me in this process of building a permanent layout.

The first step in this process was to find a good layout plan that I was confortable with and also had good scenery options. I used the 101 track plans book from Kalmbach books as a very good source of ideas. There I found a good trackplan that had double reversing loops.

I used XtrkCad software to laydown the design into atlas HO sectional tracks and to simulate how the trains will go on those tracks. I also designed the benchwork as another layer in the software. It helped me a lot by superposing the track layer with the benchwork to find where I should place the joists and risers. Another book that helped me a lot in this process was "How to build a Model Railroad Benchwork - Second Edition. by Linn H Westcott". This book covers al the aspects in wood working for the benchwork.

Here is the track layer of the layout:


The Track and the benchwork together

If you want this layout click here!

Notice there are two modules. I wanted I could move this layout so the base is divided by two equal 4'x4' square.

Here are some pictures of the benchwork process:

This picture was taken 13 december 2008. This is the track laying of the layout to mark the cutting lines.