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Lima coupler convertion to Kadee knucles

One thing I dind't like of my old Lima trains was that I can't couple them to the other Tyco rolling stock and engines I had. Once I found the new coupler standard and with a lot of help of the customer service of www.kadee.com I decided to convert all the LIMA couplers.

I thought the convertion could be very easy and if I wanted I could return the old LIMA coupler and leave things as they were, but I found that I had to permanently remove the old couplers to fit the new ones.

Maybe this coupler convertion isn't the most clean work you can find, but I found any site showing this. That could have helped me to realice what had to be done.

I want to show the convertion of one diesel engine and one rolling stock.

I used in almost all cases kadee #38 convertion kits, but in some cases I had to place a little more height. It's also strongly recomended to have the height gauge from Kadee. (I dont remember the number but you can find it easily in their website)


Coupler assembly (#30's series)
Diesel engine convertion
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